All Sales Are Done In Store. Please See Store For Current Inventory And Questions. some of These items may currently be sold but can be special ordered. 

Our ladies collection includes stud, hoop, and dangle earrings, diamond and gemstone pendants, a large selection of engagement and colored gem rings, and different styles of bracelets in gold and sterling silver. We also have Seiko and Pulsar watches. 

  1. Amethyst Ring
    Amethyst Ring
  2. Sapphire Ring
    Sapphire Ring
  3. Two Tone Seiko
    Two Tone Seiko
  4. Diamond Hoops
    Diamond Hoops
  5. Personalized Pendants
    Personalized Pendants
  6. Two Stone Diamond Pendant
    Two Stone Diamond Pendant
  7. Rose Gold Band
    Rose Gold Band
  8. Two Stone Pendant
    Two Stone Pendant
  9. Three Stone Two Tone Ring
    Three Stone Two Tone Ring
  10. Yellow Gold Ring
    Yellow Gold Ring
  11. Two Tone Band
    Two Tone Band
  12. Personalized Tag Pendant
    Personalized Tag Pendant
  13. Personalized Layered Necklace
    Personalized Layered Necklace
  14. Two Tone Personalized Bangle
    Two Tone Personalized Bangle
  15. Ladies Necklace
    Ladies Necklace
  16. Momma Bird Necklace
    Momma Bird Necklace
  17. Personalized Necklace
    Personalized Necklace
  18. Monogram Jewelry
    Monogram Jewelry
  19. Personalized Jewelry
    Personalized Jewelry

Our Men's collection includes Seiko watches, pocket watches, stainless bracelets, 10k gold rings, and necklaces, along with many items that can be special ordered. 

  1. Dad Bracelet
    Dad Bracelet
  2. Pocket Watch
    Pocket Watch
  3. Men's Cross Pendant
    Men's Cross Pendant
  4. Rolex
  5. Seiko
  6. Freedom Zippo
    Freedom Zippo
  7. Medical ID
    Medical ID
  8. Money Clip
    Money Clip
  9. Pen Gift Set
    Pen Gift Set
  10. Half Is Mine Money Clip
    Half Is Mine Money Clip

Baby & Children's Jewelry

  1. Girls Flower Bracelet
    Girls Flower Bracelet
  2. Ladybug Bracelet
    Ladybug Bracelet
  3. Baby Silverware
    Baby Silverware
  4. Heart Earrings
    Heart Earrings
  5. Bow Earrings
    Bow Earrings
  6. Baby Ring
    Baby Ring
  7. Keepsake Box
    Keepsake Box
  8. Rosary
  9. Feeding Spoon
    Feeding Spoon
  10. Baby Gift Set
    Baby Gift Set
  11. Heart Earrings
    Heart Earrings
  12. Bangle Bracelet
    Bangle Bracelet
  13. Birthstone Earrings
    Birthstone Earrings

​Gifts and accessories

  1. Anniversary
  2. Graduation
  3. Graduation
  4. Graduation
  5. Wedding
  6. Wedding
  7. Anniversary
  8. Anniversary
  9. Anniversary
  10. Professional
  11. Professional
  12. Professional
  13. Wedding
  14. Wedding
  15. Ring Holder Necklace
    Ring Holder Necklace
  16. Cufflinks
  17. Ring Box
    Ring Box
  18. Bride Survival Kit
    Bride Survival Kit
  19. Cake Forks
    Cake Forks
  20. Jewelry Tray
    Jewelry Tray
  21. Compact Mirrors
    Compact Mirrors
  22. Hook Set
    Hook Set
  23. Wine Stoppers
    Wine Stoppers
  24. Personalized Compact Mirror
    Personalized Compact Mirror
  25. Personalized Ring Holder
    Personalized Ring Holder
  26. Personalized Ring Box
    Personalized Ring Box
  27. Wooden Ring Box
    Wooden Ring Box
  28. Ring Holder With Chain
    Ring Holder With Chain
  29. Compact Mirror
    Compact Mirror